An opportunity to continue being healthy and connected! Join me for a series of dance and movement sessions over the next few weeks. Linking up every day at 10.00 am with additional late-afternoon/evening dance sessions. About Rosaria:

I love Rosaria’s classes. She has such an energy, always smiling and encouraging, it is endearing. All of her online classes are such a bliss! I feel re-energised after Dancing For Health classes and especially after the Friday ‘dance!’ class. Great to move your body after a whole working day on the computer. What I like the most is that Rosaria always searches for different music and each session is never the same.I also love the gyrokinesis sessions. They are great gentle work out and so good for strengthening the core to finally be able to get rid of back ache! Give it a go you won’t be disappointed. And now I can do it anytime I wish to with the ‘On Demand’!‘ (Mimi, Brighton)

Rosaria’s virtual learning classes are amazing, the best ones I have ever experienced and leave me feeling both energised and relaxed.  The gyrokynesis and dance sessions are fantastic, easy to follow for all ages and abilities.  The dance is brilliantly choreographed with some seriously good music and a great variety of routines so you are always learning. The gyrokynesis is very good for overall gentle body conditioning, building up core strength and flexibility without any strain.
Rosaria manages to keep a personal connection with every participant, however many people are attending, which makes the classes fun and inclusive.  You can also book some classes ‘on demand’ which is really useful if you can’t attend the session times. Rosaria’s depth of knowledge and professionalism make her classes both accessible and inspiring‘ (Sophia, Brighton)

There are different engagement options: 1) a weekly plan (both drop in and unlimited membership access; 2) On Demand (access to recorded sessions for 7 days); 3) 1-2-1 30 minutes sessions; 4) Monthly Specialist workshops. Please read on for further details

1) WEEKLY PLAN: (please scroll down to access individual classes)



UNLIMITED: You can also purchase UNLIMITED access to the weekly sessions here for only £25 [please note that this offer does not include the ‘On Demand‘ option- please read below]


You can now access GYROKINESIS (R), Movement Bites, and DANCE! sessions in your own time and pace. This might be the solution for you if you missed the session, want to have a go or cannot attend that particular time slot. Video is updated every Friday, view as many times as you like in that period. All memberships to ‘on demand’ reset every Friday. If you would like to access this service please visit the On Demand page

3) 1-2-1 SESSIONS

There is also the offer of 30 min. 1-2-1 sessions, so please get in touch to discuss availability and suitability


We take the opportunity the first Friday of every month to explore a particular topic that might be of interest to the participants I work with. It responds to demand and it builds from content we cover in some of the weekly sessions. For further information on upcoming sessions and details about how to book your place, please visit

Nobody is turned away for lack of funds. Please get in touch and join in!

**Zoom can be accessed via your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or desk top. If using a phone or tablet, please download the Zoom app.

**I can accommodate up to 100 students per class. You will be able to join the meeting ahead of time. Class participants will be first come, first serve.