The programme is based around the delivery of the Outreach strand of the Three Score Dance (TSD) delivered  with the support of the Sport Development at Brighton and Hove City Council and the Sussex Community Foundation.

The programme started in 2013 providing training to Three Score Dance members and shadowing sessions to familiarise themselves with the movement principles.

As an outcome of the first year of the programme the Sport Development Department at Brighton and Hove City Council filmed an instructional video, which I devised and delivered  in collaboration with the Three Score Dance Company. Three Score Dance then commissioned me to deliver and devise an outreach programme to extend the activities of the Company to a wider community, building on my experience working with older people and people with limited motor movement since 2006. This video was one of the deliverables of that project and it was created to accompany sessions delivered in sheltered housing and nursing homes, so that residents can continue with their exercises once they are familiar with the system.

The current programme has developed and it now consists of two main areas:

  • External: designing and delivering a programme of work in residential care home/sheltered housing schemes, supporting residents and venue workers to use movement as a tool to build partnerships and assist participants in their management of their aging body.  This area of work is also aimed at broadening the scope of Three Score Dance Company’s current outreach work, initiating new relationships with residential care homes and sheltered housing schemes. Workshops are also provided in community events, festivals and conferences to raise awareness about creativity and dance with older adults.
  • Internal: providing support and training for a sub-team of Three Score Dance Company (TSDC) members and technique class volunteers, testing out potential in the future for peer leadership for volunteers to work more widely with elderly participants. Training varies from exploring principles around Dance and the Transformative Body (open to all members of Three Score Dance and Technique classes) and sessions introducing the movement and delivery principles to new volunteers from Three Score Dance and Technique classes. The sessions in homes and sheltered housing involve residents and programme volunteers dancing together for a few weeks using movement principles specifically devised to the needs of the participants. The sessions have proven enjoyable and moving for both residents and company members alike as well as supporting company members to develop their practice as movers and dancers.

So far, the programme has provided sessions in more than 15 homes in Brighton and Hove, including settings with participants with Dementia and Parkinson’s and the programme keeps developing.  For further information, please be in touch. Co-ordinator, Trainer & Lead Practitioner (2014 - Present)

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