Rosaria Gracia - International Dance Artist

Dance and Health Specialist, Mass Movement Director, Researcher and Choreographer


Rosaria has worked with us on several of our community arts projects, including Twelve  Angry Women, Jukebox Stories at the Albany and Breaking the Silence, and our upcoming ’Two Pairs of Eyes’  as a teacher and choreographer, working with all ranges and abilities. She brings her signature ‘joie de vivre’ to all this work, and is an invaluable associate to work with‘.  Sara Clifford, Writer/Director. Inroads Productions

Background and Approach

Rosaria started at the age of six learning Flamenco and traditional Spanish Classical dance in her native Cordoba, Spain. Her dance career in the UK started in 1996 as a performer, choreographer and teacher.  Rosaria continues her research into Brazilian, Cuban, Spanish and Indian culture ecology.She has worked with professional dancers and performers in this area, such as Rosangela Silvestre (Brazil), Paula De Hollanda (Sweden/Brazil), Martica Galarraga (Cuba), Himany Dixit (Udaipur, India) and Maria la Chata (Cordoba, Spain).

She is passionate about the history, stylistic qualities and current developments of the dance and movement techniques and traditions in different countries and eras. She tries to communicate her sources of inspiration to her students so that they can have their own take on the representation and performance of the choreographies.  Important aspects of Rosaria’s work are intention in the movement, the use of imaginery and co-creation.  Dance works are influenced by the participants’ stories and performers so the work is owned by them and true to the theatre play, narrative or performance piece.

She specifically devises her classes and projects to respond to the needs and abilities of the participants. Whether you are an individual, a member of a community group, an organisation that wishes to support their employees or an arts event and venue, she will deliver a project which will specifically respond to your brief.

She is also a keen collaborator who blossoms sharing ideas with other creatives, creating projects and performances with integrity and passion.

Rosaria is a GYROTONIC® Method and GYROKINESIS® Method instructor and she continues her study of Anatomy and Physiology. Her latest areas of interest are the application of mudras and the TARA Approach in her classes and adapt it to the needs of the participants.

Clients and credentials

  • Some clients include: Roche, Open University, Uniliver, Womad Foundation, Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT), Copperdollar, Same Sky, South East Dance, Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul, Paraiso School of Samba, Spiritus Arts, Bloco Fogo, Emergency Exit Arts (Streets Academy), Brighton Carnival, Kemptown Carnival, Carnival Collective, Voodoo Vaudeville, World Dance Unite,  Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells, inroads productions and Banyan Theatre Group to name but a few.
  • Credentials include two Guinness World Records: Warm up act and lead practitioner at the Guinness World Record of the World’s Largest Percussion Class at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (2016) with Inspire Works and Choreography of the Guinness World Record of the World’s Largest Samba Band at the Royal  Albert Hall (2014) raising awareness for Street Child World Cup