Rosaria's portfolio includes experience as artist liaison consultant, events adviser, researcher and university lecturer. Some of her qualifications are a BA in Political Science and Sociology, an MA in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex and PhD from the University of East London.

Some of her areas of research are:

  • individual and group reactions to dance
  • cultural syncretism through dance and movement
  • arts and health
  • the relationship between participating in community activities and its impact on one's health and wellbeing
  • individual and group empowerment
  • accessibility and disability
  • gender and technology
  • user involvement in technology

Current research projects are:

  • 1) Athena SWAM project: Associate Lecturers and Staff Tutors' roles and progression in Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty
  • 2) STEM employability prospects, from a student point of view, paying special attention to online teaching and learning 
  • 3) Exploring emotions through imagery drawn from mythology and different cultural traditions linking into cultural syncretism and paying special attention to issues around mental health.

In addition to her PhD, Rosaria holds a PGCE, specialising in training and e-learning. She has been since 2008 an Associate Lecturer for the Open University, teaching courses on International Development, Mental Health and Social Care, and Social Sciences, and a Consultant for the Mathematics, Computing and Technology Department.

Rosaria is also an Associate Lecturer for Northbrook College and has extensive experience of lecturing on practical and theoretical considerations of Dance at BTEC and UAL levels.

A list of publications can be found here, which will open in a pdf format. 

How this relates to:


The interest to find out more about dance traditions and movement techniques helps Rosaria to provide a grounded and sound framework to her sessions and choreographic work.

Project Management

Research projects, writing articles and presenting papers at conferences require a sound management of time, knowledge of the different audiences and ability to disseminate information in different and accessible formats. Rosaria is continuously working on this through her work with social media platforms, specialist magazines and related conferences.