Project Management

Rosaria offers project management support, facilitation, artistic direction to events, monitoring and evaluation services.

Rosaria's management experience has being based on her integrity, her ability to manage expectations, and to work with individuals and groups both developing their skills and reaching agreed outcomes. This often involves dealing with unexpected events, overcoming obstacles, and supporting individuals and groups to achieve what they set out to do.

Some commissioners have been: Artswork, Futerra,FutureHealthhumanITy, IMA International, Microsoft, Open University, The Big Chill, The Trust for Developing Communities, Same Sky, South East DanceUniversity of East London and WSIS Gender Caucus.

Some projects include:

Ongoing projects



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It is always necessary to have a good framework to work with so it allows space to deal with unforseen circumstances. The stages of planning, devising, creating, delivering, and evaluating need to be well rooted in the project from the outset so that participants can relax into the experience.


Ability to prioritise and focus on the brief is always essential. Through her experience as researcher and ultimately writing her PhD, Rosaria is keen to work with timeframes that are appropriate to the work at hand and does not jeopardise the outcome.