Rosaria works either individually or with other artists creating spaces that illustrate experiences from far away places.

The term "Celebratory Carnival Dance" was coined in 2005 to define this dance practice which focuses around individual and collective experiences of a fusion of dance styles and cultural expression. Yoruban people and their culture, specially around the figures of Oya-Iansa (goddess of winds and storms), Oxum (goddess of beauty and fresh water) and Xango (god of thunder) provide her with the inspiration to explore emotions, movements and stories. 

This idea of "Celebratory Carnival Dance" has informed the content of the "Dancing for Health" sessions, which also include Gyrotonic/Gyrokinesis inspired exercises to increase body awareness, strenght, flexibility and improve posture.

Rosaria's work encourages participants to express themselves in a fun light.

Her experience as a dancer encompasses different dance styles, mainly movement developed from classic Samba, Afro-Brazilian, African and Flamenco styles, Contemporary Dance, Egyptian (rak-sharki) and Urban Dance.

To see some of her highlights in her portfolio career, please do not hesitate to download her CV. 

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Rosaria is passionate about the history, stylistic qualities and current developments of the dances and movement techniques she teaches. She tries to communicate her sources of inspiration to her students so that they can have their own take on the representation and performance of the choreographies.

Project Management

Rosaria carefully considers the platforms where she and her students perform. She is in regular contact with a vast array of organisations, agencies, schools and companies so that this work, and the ethos that goes with it, find new and known audiences.


Rosaria continuously researches the subjects she teaches. She is very interested in: the use of imagery to develop choreographies and work with participants' creativity; the use of dance and movement in challenging health conditions, and ultimately in mindful movement.