Health & Wellbeing

Being passionate about the effect that dance and movement can have in people's health and wellbeing, Rosaria started research in this area in 2005. The following projects are the result of that work and passion.

Dancing for Health Project

Latin inspired dance sessions suitable for people going through difficult health situations (e.g. radio, chemo, pre and post surgery). The sessions are aimed to bring together people that are experiencing these health situations and their friends and family. A fun and caring session.

The sessions will include mindful movement through Gyrotonic inspired stretches and Lebed method techniques and celebratory dance pieces. For further information, please visit the Dancing for Health pages in this website

Finding your Compass

The project, ‘Finding your Compass’ explores a creative road to recovery from depression. The main focus of the project is to share ideas that illustrate how different people deal with the condition. The focus is on recovery and we will go through a sympathetic and nurturing journey. This project has been co-created by Rosaria Gracia and Fiona Geilinger
To view the film created at the end of the first project, please visit Finding your Compass on Vimeo. To download the report from the first project, please visit the Finding your Compass website
This project is possible through the support of the Small Grants Mental Health Promotion Scheme (BHCC/NHS), the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, Same Sky and the Performing Arts Department at Brighton and Hove City College

Gentle Exercise                                                                                                                            

These sessions are devised for all those that have mobility issues due to age or health condition. There are seated or standing (or a combination of both) depending on ability. They are devised for all those that have mobility issues due to age or health condition. There are seated or standing (or a combination of both) sessions depending on ability. The sessions offer a safe place to move and have fun, while improving one’s wellbeing. Please, get in touch for further information. 


Gyrotonic Training

One to one exercise system designed to offer a balanced conditioning of the body. Suitable for everybody: from people recovering of surgery to professional dancers and movement specialists. Sessions available at the Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street. BN1 1UL

Specifically designed sessions (prevention)

Practical sessions on how to prevent back injuries, strengthen your core and increase flexibility are some of the themes covered. Solar panel installers and Sports men/women have already benefited from this opportunity. New sessions coming up so if you are interested, please get in touch. 

Synergy: personal development through voice and movement

in collaboration with vocal coach and musician Polina Shepherd. This project, originally funded by the Arts Council of England, consists of linking Afro-Brazilian traditional dances, evoking the Candomble divinities, and Jewish wordless songs (niggunim) to explore hidden aspects within each person. 

How this relates to:


The benefits of doing exercise to one's health and wellbeing have been well documented. Rosaria is committed that participants work within their own limitations and feel safe to try different styles, moves and push themselves forward if that is what they wish to do. It is all done in a fun and healthy environment where the participant is at the centre of it.

Project Management

Taken care of the participants is essential if they are to enjoy the session and to create. Rosaria carefully prepares a caring and fun environment so that they can just relax and be themselves in the sessions.


Rosaria has been always interested in researching the links between dance and movement and health and wellbeing. She has studied the Lebed Method, the use of dance in challenging health situations such as dementia, depression, diabetes, to name but a few. the use of imagery, like the Orixas divinities resembles Jungian archetypes used in the support of Dance Movement Therapies techniques. Rosaria is interested in offering a dance and movement session that had not both a movement and social component. This was inspired by the results of her research on Health and Wellbeing that she did while working for the Trust for Developing Communities.