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Rio Carnival at your doorstep!
Rosaria started her journey dancing Brazilian styles back in 1999.Since then, she became Rainha de Bateria of the London School of Samba (2001), lead choreographer for Paraiso and Brighton School of Samba, as well as teacher for Brighton School of Samba, London School of Samba and Paraiso. She has also performed and choreographed work for Brazilian music inspired bands such as Carnival Collective (1999 – 2008), Barulho (2001 – 2008) and Verde Vai.
She is currently the lead dancer, choreographer and co-coordinator of Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul.

Rosaria is available for masterclasses, workshops, professional development sessions and choreographic work. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Scheduled sessions:

  • Brighton School of Samba : Sessions take place on Sundays at Carlton Hill School. BN2 9HS.  All sessions from 7 to 8, unless otherwise announced. 16th and 30th June.

Picture credit: Luigi Pietro

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Sessions at Carlton Hill School. BN2 9HS
Brighton & London