Three Score Dance Outreach Programme

Various locations (in collaboration with Sport and Activity Brighton and Hove)

The sessions are devised for people with limited mobility due to age or physical issues. Exercises can be adapted to seated or standing sessions depending on the abilities of the participants. Some of the advantages of participating in these sessions have been:

  • Reducing stress and elevate mood
  • Increasing self-esteem & personal worth
  • Offering an opportunity to socialize and reduce social isolation
  • Rejuvenating the spirit
  • Building stamina
  • Maintaining flexibility
  • Increasing endurance
  • Improving coordination
  • Managing weight
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Sleeping better
  • Being more connected and increasing awareness of the body
The sessions offer a safe place to move and have fun, while improving one’s wellbeing. 
Rosaria started this area of work in 2006 under the Arts Council funded project, Synergy Arts, with musician Polina Shepherd. She continued developing this work through projects funded by the NHS Sussex Partnership Trust in 2007.  In 2008, she worked with Green Candle Dance Company delivering sessions in sheltered housing and hospitals and working with the Green Candle Senior Dancers Group. She has continued developing this practice as a freelancer and supported by the Active for Life team at Brighton and Hove City Council since 2009. 
She joined Three Score Dance as their Outreach Programme Coordinator and lead practitioner in 2013 and since then the company has been delivering a growing programme of training sessions for company members and technique class and providing bespoke sessions in care homes and sheltered housing, with a focus on dementia as well as other conditions. 

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How this relates to:

Dance: This is not just a gentle exercise seated session. It also works with the participants in a variety of dance and music styles so that they can move in different ways according to the music. There is much laughter and enjoyment in the classes and it is not rare to have a couple of freestylers showing their moves and encouraging the rest of the group to join them. Abilities vary from being very mobile to limited movement, and ages from 50s to 90s! The secret resides in enjoying the music, raising awareness about their own bodies and working within their own possibilities. 

Research: The sessions are informed by research in the field of Dance and Dementia, Dance and Parkinsons , the use of movement for people with limited mobility and the use of dance and music in reminiscence projects. Rosaria started her research in this field in 2006 when she was awarded funding by the Arts Council through her project Synergy to explore the benefits of singing and dancing for older people and people with mental health issues. 

The ethos behind this work is the belief that through dance and movement, we can celebrate whatever stage of our lives we are in. This project aims to learn new ways of moving and learning about our bodies, which can be adapted to a variety of abilities and settings. 

Company members and technique class participants have the chance to take part in a training programme which explores movement patterns from GYROKINESIS®Lebed method and MimiLift Fascial Muscle Care technique embellished with international dances and various types of music.
They also attend, participate and lead specific sessions with people with a variety of needs and abilities, to experience in practice how it can be delivered but also to reflect how it can improve our own movement practice.