Samba Schools

Brighton and London
depending on venue
see each class for further details

Rio Carnival at your doorstep! Come and join Samba dance sessions in Brighton and London. 

Rosaria is the lead teacher for the Brighton School of Samba and guest teacher for the London School of Samba

Scheduled sessions:

Brighton School of Samba :Thursday evening (7.45 to 8.45 at Open Space Studios Unit 7 rear of 64 Davigdor Road)

  • 16th November to 7th December
  • QUADRA (joint rehearsal with live drumming): Sunday 29th October and 17th December 

London School of Samba: Sunday evening (6 - 7.30 (apart from Quadra night that it is from 6 to 8 at WAC - Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road. London SE1 7AA)  More dates coming up soon!


How this relates to:

 Rosaria thoroughly appreciates the richness of the Brazilian dance styles and its socio-cultural context as well as the technique involved. 

She is the choreographer and lead dancer of Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul, lead facilitator in Samba dance and other international dances for Inspire Works, and mass movement director for many events with a Brazilian theme. 
She was Queen of Bateria for the London School of Samba in 2001 and since then has been teaching, performing and choreographing for the London School of SambaParaiso School of Samba and Brighton School of Samba. 

Rosaria has been researching Afro-Brazilian dance styles since 1997. After encountering Samba, she then continued researching styles from the North East of Brazil (e.g. Orixas' movement representations, Maracatu, Afoxe, Coco, Ciranda and Maculele to name but a few) and deepened (and continues doing so) her knowledge of the socio-cultural and historical background that supported the birth of those dance styles and their development. She enjoys sharing her passion for these dance styles in her classes, contextualising them and experimenting with their aesthetics.