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Trained as a Political Scientist and Sociologist with in depth experience in research, project management and community development, Rosaria has been an Associate Lecturer for the Open University since 2008. She is currently teaching the following courses:

  • TD223 International Development: Making sense of a changing world (Undergraduate - Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • K240 Mental Health and Community (Undergraduate - Faculty of Health and Social Care) 
  • DD211 Understanding Politics: Ideas and Institutions in the Modern World (Undergraduate - Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • DD103 Investigating the Social World (Undergraduate - Faculty of Social Sciences)

If you are interested in these courses and the degrees they lead to, please visit the OU website for further information. 

How this relates to:

 Rosaria is continuously researching current affairs topics which relate to the issues discussed in the course, to make the courses relevant to the students' degrees and progression. The courses contain not only the conventional course materials (books, DVDs and audios) but also a full range of forums which discuss and explore media links, current topics and issues discussed in the course.