Maracatu Cruzeiro Do Sul Dance Troupe and Meninos do Maracatu

42b Providence Place Studios (between Ramson's and St. Bartholomews church, London Road)
depending on course, please read on / £7 drop in
17.15 to 19

'We were mesmerised by your dancing.  You have an inner glow and serene smile which becomes at one with the beat of the music. We were enchanted' Prof. Lady Christine Bamford. President CID-UNESCO, London

 These sessions are packed with Afoxe, Samba reggae, Coco, Danza dos Arcos, Cavalo Marinho and of course Maracatu. Sessions are held @ 42b Providence Place Studio by St. Bartholomews Church in Brighton (parallel to London Road), unless stated otherwise. We will be revising the group's choreographic repertoire and developing Samba reggae and Afoxe routines. Do not miss it!...Fantastic gigs coming up...

Sessions are from 6 to 7.

The next set of sessions will take place on:

  • LATE SUMMER (5 WEEKS: £30/ £7 DROP IN): 13th September to 11th October

MENINOS DO MARACATU, a dance troupe for children up to 10, from Wednesday 13th September (5 week course) from 5.15 to 6, at £4 per child/ £10 if the parent joins in. If you are interested in registering in this session, please email

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Maracatu is a dance from the North East of Brazil. The first documented examples of this dance go back to 1780 and represent the coronation of the King of Congo, the intermediary between the slaves and the Portuguese conquistadores.

Everything about Maracatu shows the syncretism between the African, indigenous and Portuguese culture, but it is overall a proud and celebratory dance.