Dancing for Health

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Different venues
Brighton and Hove
Cost depending on venue
please read details below

Are you in a transitional stage in your life (physical or mental)? Are you suffering from a long term illness that is reducing your energy? Are you interested in losing weight or just learning different dances?

Then, this is the class for you. The sessions are fun and nurturing. The sessions include GYROKINESIS® stretches, Lebed method techniques and short dances (from Latin to Bollywood, from 80s to current music).

The sessions are designed for people that are going through challenging health conditions and those that just want to keep fit. It is a movement based session that will aim to support clients and their friends and/or family. Some of the participants may be living with cancer, depression, diabetes to name but a few.

This is a fun and caring session. There are three opportunities to attend these sessions:

  • Mondays (Dancing for Health - Active for Life) from 10 to 11 at St. Luke's Church (Queens Park Road. BN2 9ZB). The sessions are supported by Active for Life (BHCC/NHS). Drop in (£3/£2) [resuming on 4th September]
  • Tuesdays (Dancing for Health - Active for Life) from 10 to 11 at Holy Nativity Hall (Norwich Drive, Brighton BN2 4LA). The sessions are supported by Active for Life (BHCC/Public Health). Drop in (£3/£2) [resuming on 12th September]
  • Thursdays (Dancing for Health - Evolution) - from 18.00 to 19.00. [sessions resume on 31st August for a 7 week course] To enquire and book a place please visit Evolution Arts website.  

How this relates to:

These sessions are packed with an array of methods and tools to support participants in learning more about their bodies and in making the movement relevant to them. It combines GYROKINESIS® exercises, Breathing techniques and the use of mudras (hand and finger positions to support healing; they are widely used in Hatha Yoga and traditional Indian dance) performed to different music. The sessions also include fun dances, inspired in Latin rhythms, which make your heart light up. A very complete programme which will support participants' self-awareness, flexibility and physical alignment. 

Project Management

Taken care of the participants is essential if they are to enjoy the session and to create. Rosaria carefully prepares a caring and fun environment so that they can just relax and be themselves in the sessions.


Further to her research on the Lebed Method, and the use of dance in challenging health situations such as dementia, depression, diabetes, to name but a few, Rosaria was interested in offering a dance and movement session that had both a movement and social component. This was inspired by the results of her research on Health and Wellbeing that she did while working for the Trust for Developing Communities.