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Evolution (2 Sillwood Terrace, BN1 2LR)
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'Just wanted to say I had a lovely time in your dance classes. I used to dance and choreograph regularly back in India, but gave it up when I came to this country. Since going to your dance classes, I feel the love for dance has re-kindled in me. I danced on the stage after almost a decade and it was one of the happiest moments of my life! I completely adored at your knowledge of Bollywood and Indian classical dance forms! Thank you' (Moitree, Bollywood Brighton Summer course participant. 2016)

Immerse yourself in the fluidity, high energy and glow of Bollywood, the excitement of Afro-Brazilian dance and the strength, fluidity and grace of Flamenco. The session will start with invigorating moves combined with breathing techniques using mudras (hand gestures) and will go through infectious Bollywood and Bhangra moves, catchy Samba reggae routines and gracious Flamenco dances. . 

Rosaria started dancing Flamenco at the early age of 5. Since then has been revisiting some of the 'palos' (styles) and rediscovering the choreologies routes of this dance. She had a first encounter with Afro-Brazilian dance in late 1990s but it was in 2000 when she started a more indepth research, practice and performance of the various dance styles under this banner. Her immersion into Bollywood and other traditional Indian dance styles while performing with Emergency Exit Arts in their show Runga Rung (2005). She then undertook training with Himany Dixit in Udaipur (India). She has continued researching, practising and teaching using stylistic qualities of these beautiful and evocative Indian dances.

Spring Term and Summer Term at Evolution Arts under the banner of 'International Dance' on Thursdays from 6 to 7

Summer: 15th June to 27th July

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Rosaria has been teaching Bollywood and Bhangra as part of the University of the Arts London (UAL) Performing and Production Arts (Dance) course at City College Brighton and Hove since 2010. She also teaches Bollywood in schools, events, Indian weddings and community centres' activity programmes. She choreographed a piece for the project Yamuna Yemanja performed at the famous Notting Hill Carnival (2014), linking Indian and Brazilian dance traditions and has collaborated with 4x4 Drummers as part of the Burning the Clocks celebrations in 2014. 


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Rosaria is continuously researching to bring into the class the latest fusion and music from the Bollywood filmi industry. She has also integrated in her teaching the powerful use of mudras (hand gestures) which support sessions' participants to get to know better the stylistic qualities of this beautiful dance genre and its origin.